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Club Yoga Leeuwarden: Prana Flow & Yin | Leeuwarden Netherlands

  • Westersingel 2C 8913 CK Leeuwarden Netherlands (map)

Prana Flow. Prana Flow is an energetic, creative, comprehensive approach to yoga as smooth gedoceert by Shiva Rea and the global group of Prana Flow teachers. Students of all levels are Prana Flow motivated to experience Prana (the universal basis of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence) and own. You will learn classic and creative approaches to vinyasa and yin yoga as was put into the lessons of Krishnamacharya's, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Somatics and Shiva.

About Yin Yoga Yin Yoga is a deep, slow, passive and receiving practices of yoga that proven therapeutic is for the joints, muscles and connective tissue, but also for the mind and the heart. Yin yoga based on the teachings of Paul Grilley and sports science offers clear theory alswel a practical application. Above Yin yoga gives a moment of silence and space for yoga practitioners who deeper relaxation, consciousness, peace and meditation can and want to look up. Several sitting and lying postures are held for long periods of time so that the muscles and connective tissue around the joints can go relax and actually get to have time for this. This gives 'prana' the ability to move freely through the body and let the urge to hold and resistance patterns in body and mind dissolves. The liquid parts of the body making the joints softer, more supple and smooth. By yin yoga, you change resistance in consciousness, and in the longer term, complete surrender. Everyone has to do with slower bathe, be quiet, inward and rest.

The Workshops

Friday - 19:15 to 21:45 (2.5 hours)
Bhumi Namaskar (evening)
Bhumi is Earth. It is important for urban yogis to reconnect with the natural rhythm of the earth. In this ritual practice we will attune to the grounding, humbling and strength voltage energy of the earth through the sacred 'embodiment of yoga and the sublime sequencing of Shiva Rea's Prana Flow method. Dig deep and tap into the source.

Saturday - 09:30 to 12:30, pause, 14:00 to 16:30 (5.5 hours) Jala Namaskar (morning) Jala is water. Water is the fluid power That nourishes, cleanses and connects us back to the flow. In this ritual practice we will attune with the purifying, healing, and sensual power of water through the sacred 'embodiment of yoga and the sublime sequencing of Shiva Rea's Prana Flow method. Ride the wave, get unstuck and dive into a deeper flow.Yin Yoga: Practice and Theory  (noon) Yin Yoga is a style of yoga That requires a deep slowing down and Induces states of relaxation and mediation. We will hold the postures longer and allow our bodies to soften over time. There is an art to letting go and yin yoga teaches us how to truly surrender to what is in a healthy and healing way. In this workshop you give yourself time for self-reflection and will remember The Importance of slowing down and listening to your own Closely body and soul. Session will begin with a talk on the theory of the Yin Yoga practice.

Sunday - 10:00 to 12:30, pause, 13:30 to 16:30 (5.5 hours)
Full day Women's Wisdom & Empowerment  Intensive
Power & Pleasure: Embodying your Wild Feminine
Do you feel a deeper stirring inside of you That wants to be overexpressed more fully? 
Would you like to feel more integrated into your creativity, sensuality or sexuality?
In this workshop we will explore the interconnectedness of feminine power and feminine pleasure. Nianna will expertly weave movement, breathwork and playful exercises to guide you into rediscovering your own unique wild and sensual expression. If you want to explore deeper levels of power and pleasure, and empowerment generate the energy you need to take action, join us for this transformational play shop.
Please bring a notebook, your curiosity and an open mind.

"There is nothing more beautiful than a woman in her power." - Nianna Bray

Friday - (2.5 hours) € 35 
Saturday - (5.5 hours) € 65
Sunday  - (5.5 hours)  € 65

T / m 16-10-2014 early bird discount a 10%
Book your every day together , then even € 10 discount.

your own yoga mat, please bring & if you have belt / pads. Do not have a yoga mat? Mention this than us so we can reservations. Studiomat for you

Yoga is for everyone. If you want to do with one or more workshops Nianna it is necessary that you (still short notice) 10 classes have followed. Comparable yoga styles Sign? Mail us your name, phone number, possibly . injuries to subscribe, you get your response asap.

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