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Prana and the Five Winds / The Essence of Flight

  • Yogaseads 44 Bosschestraat The Hague, ZH, 2587 HE Netherlands (map)

All of life begins, is sustained, and ends with Prana. Among many, there are five important flows, the pancha vayu, that govern specific movements and areas of the bodymind. These vayu are extremely important for practitioners and teachers to understand and embody in order to deepen their experience of their subtle energetic system within their teaching and practice. Yoga asana and pranayam serve these five movements of flow so that ones pranic body is strengthened, calmed, liberated, and stimulated. When we liberate Prana to flow freely there is freedom, lightness and empowerment on every level. Join us for a deeper look into the source principles of yoga and the Prana Flow method that was introduced to me by my beloved teacher, Shiva Rea.

To practice arm balances safely, strength and flexibility as wel as focus, determination are needed. Among the many asana's (postures) the arm balance family holds a unique place of power. To defy gravity and go against the norm brings feelings of power and confidence, yet can be abused bringing arrogance and ego.In this workshop we will honor the energy and empowerment arm balances bring with humility putting into practice the pratical methods of standing on your hands.

A basic armbalance practise is required.
Sunday November 2nd

Prana and the five winds 10.00-13.00
The essence of flight 14.00-17.00

Price per workshop: €35,-
For 2 workshops: €65,-

We only have limited spots available so reserve your spot mail to

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