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Strength & Surrender | New York @ Go Yoga

  • Go Yoga 112 N 6th St Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

I am excited to teach my first workshop at Go Yoga in Williamsburg, NY

The yogic path is a razors edge that plays within the subtle balance of opposites. Discipline and freedom, activity and receptivity, movement and stillness, strength and surrender. Through yoga asana and pranayam we explore within our own bodies the play of ha tha, strength receiving. With a skillful blend of sweaty vinyasa flow and cooing deep stretches of yin yoga we will dance with solar and lunar qualities to gracefully stumble into our core essence. It is known as the “inner marriage”, when the mother and father, feminine and masculine principles within unite creating wholeness, integration and dynamic union.

Saturday July 19th

At Go Yoga  in Williamsburg Brooklyn

in Collaboration with Michael Hewitt

Visit Go Yoga for more details and to book your spot