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Nianna @ Yoga Magazine Festival 2014 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lecture 1: What you seek is already Within - Everything you need is already in your like a seed, waiting until it can germinate. Everything, whether it's more money, that dream job, your soulmate or the perfect body. How do you know your own strength and your truth in the world manifest? English 

2. Yoga Class: Core and pelvic floor - the power of your core . You will learn about the physical and energetic anatomy of your core and pelvic floor, and how this area can function healthy. With purifying and energizing breathing exercises ( pranayama ), yoga and kriya. English, all levels welcome 

3. Yoga class: Strength and surrender - When male and female can connect it in yourself you feel more complete and more balanced. Find the movement in the stillness and the silence in the movement. Pranayama, meditation, a powerful Vinyasa Flow practice , and Yin yoga. English, all levels welcome 

4. Yoga Class: Power, pleasure and passion - What is sensual female power? In this workshop you will discover it! The combination of yoga, tantra, divine feminine movementand anatomy of excitement helps to release you. feminine force in English, only for women, all levels welcome

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