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Weekend at Prana Yoga | Fort Wayne, Indianna

  • Prana Yoga Fort Wayne USA (map)

Friday 6:45-8:30pm

Arm Balance with Grace

In this workshop we will build a foundation of power, strength and presence that allows you to soar into arm balances and incorporate them within a playful sequence that awakens the fluid body. Come deepen your yoga practice and get your cupped filled with inspiration. All levels of experience are welcome as our approach to arm balances will be safe, fun and accessible for all, teachers and interested students alike


Woman's Retreat

Saturday 9:30-12 PART 1  & Saturday 1:30-4:30 PART 2

Power, Pleasure and Purpose

Awakening Your Sensual Female Power

In this women’s only workshop you will awaken your sensual power. What is sensual female power? Come find out! The sacred practices of yoga, tantra and divine feminine movement combined with the anatomy of arousal create direct paths to liberating your female power and reconnecting you with your own feminine soul. If you want to discover your passion, surrender to pleasure, reveal your purpose, dissolve blockages and generate the energy you need to take action, join us.

“There is nothing more beautiful than a woman in her power.” – Nianna Bray

Sunday 10-12:30pm

Ecstasy, Intimacy and Freedom

Liberating Your Erotic Creature

In this workshop we build on the previous workshop to uncover our inner erotic creature, let our hair down, get honest about what we truly desire, and feel the freedom that true intimacy brings. In her down to earth, fun and approachable way Nianna brings together her wisdom and teachings of sensual movement, powerful breath work, and the essence of tantra in a liberated practice for women only. This is your chance to have your intimate questions answered and expand to new heights in your intimate relationships.


Tuition for Friday night practice $40($34 early bird pricing 10% off pranaperks)

Tuition for womans retreat whole weekend 108.00(90 early bird sign up-pranaperks get 10% off)

Tuition for womans retrat+friday practice $120($108 early bird)

Details and registration at Prana Yoga School in Fort Wayne.