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Pop-Up Yoga Haarlem | Advanced Yoga and Pranayama

The Wisdom of Embodiment

Teach and Practice Advanced Asana & Pranayam

YA Continued Education Hrs & Weekend Intensive

for teachers and advanced practitioners

Are you ready to deepen your practice and refine your teaching skills? This Advanced Teacher and Practitioner Weekend Immersion with Nianna will give you the direction and guidance you seek. Nianna has a unique way of bringing out the best in everyone, articulating the finer aspects of the practice and inspires her students to discover within themselves the intimate integration of mind, body and breath. The best teachers walk their talk and teach from what they know and embody. Come, practice. 


Friday 7:00-9:00 pm

Heart Fire: Back Bend with Grace

As we journey toward advanced expressions of the back bend we will unpack the key anatomical elements, verbal cuing, and assists that make for safe and effective back bending. We will discuss its benefits from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective and embody the energetic alchemy of a heart opening practice. Most beginner to intermediate students have no clue how to back bend properly. Learn essential skills of how to curb bad habits and elevate your students toward success.   

Saturday 9:30 am-12:00 noon

Take Flight: Arm Balance with Confidence

We all live with a certain amount of fear. Arm balances can be confronting on many levels and yet contain within them a seed of raw power and potential and are the gateway for an advanced asana practice. Arms balances ask that you build a solid foundation upon which you can take flight and encourage you to go beyond your fear and take a risk. However, with Nianna you won't be throwing caution to the wind you will make an intelligent and calculated risk. Nianna will help you build that foundation from the ground up and detail the poses, process, anatomy and alignment that will get you toward your full expression safely. Be prepared to work with a partner. 


Saturday 3:30 - 6:00 pm 

Refine Asana: Advanced Adjustments 

We will go over advanced poses that we haven't touched upon in the previous workshops and dive into the nuance of assisting and adjusting. Nianna will share her distinct philosophy and how she approaches adjusting students in advanced postures in the current climate of the yoga world where many students report yoga injuries while even more go unreported. This workshop is a must for serious practitioners and teachers. 

Sunday 9:30 am -12:00 noon 

Be Fearless: Inversions to Tame the Ego

Its not about the pose, its about the energy cultivated from each pose and inversions pack a lot of power. Because of this, egos can run wild when inversions are mastered or attempted. How you approach your inversion practice is essential and with reverence your inversion practice can he healing and empowering. In this workshop we will discuss the counter indications, health benefits and risks, and when and how to teach inversions fearlessly and effectively. We will work in partners, use props and look at the pros and cons. 

Sunday 3:30 pm -6:00 pm

Restorative: Even the Lion Rests

You made it! After a long weekend of giving it your all now its time to rest and restore. Restoratives are essential for a full spectrum practice and all teachers would be wise to know how to practice and teach the basics. Nianna will explain the proper use of props, how to assist and adjust students and take you on a very special journey of complete surrender and relaxation. From a relaxed state you can handle anything that comes your way. 

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