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Two Workshops at De Yoga Temple Haarlem | Holland

For details and to register visit De Yoga Temple

Awakening the Heart, Empowering the Hips
Master Class for men and women with Nianna Bray 

Flow with the rhythm of your heart and discover the bliss of your body through asana linked together with conscious breath, intention, and love. This practice invites you to open to new levels of trust and joy in your asana and your life. In this workshop you will explore the rasa of sringara, the emotion of love, and allow it to guide your movements and elevate your consciousness inducing states of sahaja, spontaneous bliss. The perfect master class to open deeply into your hips and open the front body to cultivate love and empowerment.

Women's Wisdom: Unlock your Voice, Speak your Truth 
ladies only Workshop with Nianna Bray

Women often don't communicate powerfully. Either we don't know what we want or how to get it. Communicating powerfully and speaking our truth asks that we release the blockages that limit us and keep us in fear and requires courage to step beyond. In this powerful, liberating, sexy and fun workshop with Nianna Bray you will discover what it is you truly want, learn tools to remove the blockages that limit your self-expression and unlock your voice to speak your truth. Join a circle of amazing women who are ready to take it to the next level and step more powerfully into living their truth. Together we rise!

Make a €5 donation to rebuild the Mailung Village in Nepal. Nianna is bringing a group of volunteers to Nepal through her non-profit, Away Inward Foundation. Volunteers welcome and donations gladly accepted. For more info visit