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Women's Wisdom Weekend at SOUL Center | Waitakere New Zealand

Join Nianna and Wilhemeena for this divine weekend.

We are honored to host Nianna Bray for the first time here at Soul Centre. Join Nianna and Willa and a powerful group of women, carve out the time to nourish and tend to your sacred feminine essence. In this weekend long immersion you will dive into your sensual female power, unleash your wild feminine essence and unlock your voice to effectively speak your truth. 

Come for one day - or both days.

Wilhemeena teaches Saturday - divine feminine chi and women's temple and Nianna teaches Sunday.

These beautiful women have a way of gaining trust and bringing out the best in thier sisters. Now is your time to shine. Come as you are, leave more energized, relaxed and more like yourself then you have in a while. Join the movement, together we rise.

"There is nothing more beautiful then a woman in her power." - Nianna Bray

Nianna's Sunday includes: Women's Wisdom: Unlock Your Voice

Women often don't communicate powerfully. Either they don't know what they want or how to get it. Communicating powerfully and speaking our truth asks that we release the blockages that limit us and keep us in fear and requires courage to step beyond. In this powerful, liberating, sexy and fun workshop with Nianna Bray you will discover what it is you truly want, learn tools to remove the blockages that limit your self-expression and unlock your voice to speak your truth. Join a circle of amazing women who are ready to take it to the next level and step more powerfully into living their truth. Together we rise!

Women’s Sensual Empowerment
Women are powerful. Yet, many women don’t feel their power. Women are sexual. Yet, many women are not sexually fluent. This weekend immersion for women only will give women the tools to embody their sensual power and utilize it for spiritual awakening, personal empowerment and liberation in all aspects of their lives. You will learn yoga and tantra practices for energy cultivation, mental and emotional clarity, kundalini activation and sensual empowerment 

Shakti Sadhana
A movement ritual practice to awaken body mind and soul. Activate your primal power, Kundalini, at your root and excite Her up your fluid spine. Stoke your inner fire to burn through karma and dissolve samskara, blockages and habit patterns, for personal transformation. Experience the direct path of tantra with powerful breath work and sensual meditations and "dance with the Divine" through grounded yet liberated asana.