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Workshops at Urban Ashram | Auckland, New Zealand

FRIDAY 22nd Jan 6-8pm $50
Shakti Sadhana: Women’s Sensual Empowerment
Women are powerful. Yet, many women often don’t feel their power. Women are sexual. Yet, many women are not sexually fluent or embody their sensuality. This weekend immersion for women only will give women the space to explore their natural sensual power, the tools to embody and utilize it for spiritual awakening, personal empowerment and liberation in all aspects of their lives. You will learn yoga and tantra practices for energy cultivation, mental and emotional clarity, tantra kundalini activation and movements to awaken your sensual empower. 

 SATURDAY 23rd 12-3pm $70
Refining Asana: Adjustments, Assists and Alignment
Yoga is more then asana but when we practice and teach asana we need to do it correctly. There are movement patterns, energetic pathways and optimal anatomical alignment that make learning and teaching asana more accessible, safe and effective. In this training module you will learn to read bodies, make assessments, and apply the appropriate alignment through cueing and hands on adjustments and assists. 

SATURDAY 4-6pm $50
Tantra Vinyasa
A movement ritual practice for men and women to awaken body mind and soul. Activate your primal power, Kundalini, at your root and excite Her up your fluid spine. Stoke your inner fire to burn through karma and dissolve samskara for personal transformation. Experience the direct path of tantra with powerful breath work, pranayam, sensual meditations and "dance with the Divine" through grounded yet liberated asana.  

ook all 3 before Dec 15th for $140