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Nepal Rebuild Volunteer Project

Phase 3

Remove 2 buildings

Finish Painting

Create garden

Plant flowers


This is a chance of a lifetime! We have a fabulous 

camp (think glamping) set up with solar hot shower, an 

amazing local cook, men and women tents, electricty and laundry. Plus we are on site at the school so interacting with the students is a highlight; futbol and cricket, arts and crafts, teaching english classes and observing their daily habits and routines. You will bond with several of them and wish to take one home. Or at least that was the experience in November. It truly is a chance to embed in remote Nepal culture while literally building up the lives of these children, and indirectly their families and future. JOIN US!


You pay:

Flight to KTM

$600 expenses (up to 2 weeks)

$750 expenses 3 weeks

$900 expenses 4 weeks


* Raise $1000 donation

* Arrive on or before Oct 17th and all is included. Arrive after that and you pay transport to the building site in Darbung.


We pay:

Everything from airport pickup to dropoff

Extra costs - 2 dinners, alcohol, gifts, extra food


email for details -