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Chrysalis - A Master Class in Venice, CA

Nianna Bray is coming to town! Join us at INHALE VENICE on October 8th as Nianna invites us to tap into the Chrysalis... our deepest, most authentic reservoir of strength, focus, and clarity. 

In this practice Nianna will offer you new insights into dynamic postural alignment based on tensegrity, biodynamics and new understanding of fascia that will bring you out of pain. Your body will be challenged to become a strong container, your mind will be challenged to stay awake. In this chrysalis you realize that the only way out is in. Trust the emergence, join us in practice.


An international teacher born in Santa Monica, CA, Nianna Bray is celebrating her 20th year as a yoga practitioner and it is a rare reunion of sorts that Nianna is teaching at Inhale in Venice. Throughout her global travel adventures she has touched the hearts of many and inspires health, happiness and authentic connection everywhere she goes. 

Nianna is currently building a school in Nepal through her non-profit, and leads teacher trainings, retreats, classes, workshops globally. To learn more about Nianna or book a one-on-one private lesson please visit:

Read on for Nianna's insights into her yoga practice. 

"Our yoga practice can be an inner fortress, an internal space where we can take refuge and cultivate the strength and power we need to do our work in the world, our dharma. The noise of the outer world often drowns out our inner voice and our ability to listen deeply leaving us confused, exhausted and in pain. The demands of daily life can leave us little time to fortify our physical, mental and emotional body. As one of my teacher says, "as practitioners we must protect our practice". For we are energy and it is your dharma to wake it up and finely cultivate the powerful life force you already are." Nianna Bray

Inhale Venice: Yoga Art Culture

6 Rose Avenue, Venice, California 90291