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Glow Yoga Haarlem Deepen Your Practice: Pranayam, Mudra, Bandha, Kriya

In this master class with tantra yoga sadhika Nianna Bray (USA) you will take your yoga practice to new depths of power and subtlety as you learn to integrate the internal, esoteric and potent practices or pranayam, mudra, bandha, and kriya. You will experience the essence of yoga, the joy of a quiet mind, energized body, and radiant heart and take home tools that will continue to nourish your home practice for years to come. With 18 years of experience and study Nianna has an eloquent way of communicating the inner realms and articulating the movements and flow of Prana. He voice and presence will guide you on a journey that will lead you directly to your innermost self. Prior yoga experience will help you get the most benefit from the master class however all from beginners to advanced partitioners will gain illuminating insight into the inner most recesses of their breath, body and mind.


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