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Women's Tantra Yoga and Sensual Empowerment Training & Retreat | Holland

The Sacred Feminine is on the rise. Her power is emerging in the world as a force of change for the benefit of all. Within you exists a sensual power that will transform your life and the life of those nearest to you. This feminine power, Shakti, is the force that will change the world. We have an infinite Soul, yet a finite amount of time and energy. It’s the work of the wise woman to harness her power and direct it toward healing, liberation, freedom of expression and joy. And we do this through the principle of pleasure along with the energy of desire as the rocket fuel for life.

This weekend retreat and training will light you up and give you the tools you need to live a liberated life. The training focus on tantra yoga techniques and sensual movement, women's essential wisdom and the importance of pleasure in your life. This will be a deeply liberating, exciting, emotional yet healing weekend. Join a circle of women and reclaim your sensual power, awaken to pleasure and live your purpose. 

Topics include:

  • Tantra: Shakti activation, energy cultivating practices, meditations, and breathing exercises.
  • Sensual movement, yoga asana, dance and embodiment practices
  • Women’s sexual health and sensual power.
  • The importance of women in circle
  • Menstrual cycle and how to leverage your hormones for optimal energy and productivity.
  • Tune in with the natural rhythm of the earth for mental and physical wellness.
  • Emotional intelligence. 
  • Unlock your voice and speak your truth.
  • Personal empowerment, will power and confidence.
  • Self care and the importance of pleasure and beauty.
  • Release patterns of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.
  • Body image, re-framing negative self talk and competition amongst women.
  • Influence of history and culture on female sexuality.
  • Cycles of life: Stepping into womanhood, aging and getting older.


The training will be held in a beautiful private estate surrounded by 2 acres of natural woodland, located in the east of the Netherlands. This area is known for its lush woodlands, rivers, magical places, leylines, healers and power spots. The house is located inside the directions of a a white owl medicine(women)wheel. Outside are many magical spots, a big fireplace, meditation circles, a womens circle and a natural swimming pool, enabling us to work extensively with mother earth and the elements. Inside are two fireplaces and a private sauna, the estate will be solely for the group. The food will be all organic, vegetarian and lovingly prepared by a highly skilled chef in support of this wonderful journey. Due to the nature of the training we will offer this work to a small group of women, so spaces are limited. Hear the call and join us!


Dates          :  31st March - 3rd april

Website          : www.

Location          : Landhuis de Bevermeer, Angerlo, Netherlands

Website          :

Cost          : € 599,00 all inclusive

Bankaccount     : NL76 ASNB 0708 3134 85 in name of W.M. Schaufele

Policy          : Yourspace can be reserved by paying a deposit of € 300,= 

Training contact     : Wanda Amrita 

Mobile          : + 31 6 4606 1137 

This training is a 25hr YAR continued education module