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Women's Wisdom Training & Retreat 50hr Module 2 | Queenstown, NZ

Women's Wisdom 100hr Training:

 Part II 50 hr Training with Nianna Bray in Queenstown, New Zealand

Women's Wisdom is a 5 day training that awakens your female potential through holistic wellness practices for your body, mind and soul. 

Women are feeling the call to awaken their power and become leaders in this rapidly shifting world. We know its time to put aside our fears and insecurities and tap into our life force, claim our sexy, liberate our sexuality which is our innate creative and regenerative power and reconnect to the divine feminine principle as our own essence. Join the movement of radical self-love, exceptional self-care, truth-telling, and healing through pleasure, joy and sensual empowerment. 

 As women we know the power of our collective and search for community. We can’t nor do we want to do it alone. We need our sisters, women we can trust and be honest with. Nianna has dedicated her life to the divine feminine and her life’s work is to joyfully and with great ease support her sisters on their journey of empowerment. All of us are now called to awaken the Divine Feminine within and express our truth out in the world, to be leaders and co-creators of a new world, a world that is based on partnership, egalitarian, inclusive, thriving and abundant.

The technologies applied in this training are tried and true practices that have helped evolve humanity for centuries. The essential earth based wisdom practices of tantra, yoga, somatic psychology, dance, sexuality and dynamic postural alignment have been gathered and distilled for modern female seekers. Instead of dogma we seek to translate eternal truths through our living experience. Together we will learn to trust in the emergence of the feminine and harmonize our individual current condition with eternal wisdom and abundance. 

You have felt your own inner longing. You have experienced the deep ache of separation and thirst for your own feminine Soul. You have heard the calling. All women are invited to join a powerful circle of sisterhood, creativity, healing and empowerment. 


- sensual feminine movement, dance and asana practice

- pranayama, kriyas, mantras and chanting

- moon cycle - blood mysteries

- importance of exceptional self- care & nourishing

- releasing patterns of self sabotage and limiting belief

- unlocking your voice, speaking with honesty

- sisterhood, support, community and lifelong friendships

Nianna is an international yoga and tantra teacher, traveler and entrepreneur who inspires her student with both her in-depth knowledge of yoga traditions and culture and her openhearted liberated teaching style. Nianna is a unique creature. Her energy is contagious and she has a way of igniting an activated spark in those she meets. She weaves embodied wisdom teachings into the fabric of modern life with practicality, authenticity, power and grace. Her trainings, classes and retreats are ecstatic yet grounded, nurturing and life-changing. 


January 11-15  Wednesday-Sunday  9:00am-5:00pm




Housing: $200 for 5 nights, Food: Bring your own, potluck shared meals, use of kitchen, use of spa pool, and Lake Wakatipu near by. It is the ideal location to hold our sacred women gathering. Please consider staying the night! 


8 Back Shed Rd, The Preserve, Jacks Point, Queenstown. 

It's approximately a 25minute drive from the centre of Queenstown to the house

This program is a 100 hr continued education registered Yoga Alliance (RYA) training and upon completion you will get your certificate. You will have non-contact follow up assignments as well as the hours in training with Nianna.