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Primal Flow Master Intensive | Queenstown, NZ

PRIMAL FLUID FLOW INTENSIVE @ Yoga Nadi Wellness Centre Queenstown New Zealand South Island

The noise of the outer world often drowns out our inner voice and our ability to listen deeply leaving us confused, exhausted and in pain. The demands of daily life can leave us little time to fortify our physical, mental and emotional body. Our spiritual practice can be experienced as an inner fortress, an internal space where we take refuge and cultivate the energy necessary to do our work in the world, our dharma.

In this practice I will offer you new insights into dynamic postural alignment based on tensegrity, biodynamics and new understanding of fascia that will encourage supple healthy movement and function. In this practice you will be challenged to become a strong and able container and examine your weakness to cultivate strength. Come and tap into your deepest most authentic reservoir of strength, focus, and clarity. Once you realize that the only way out is in you enter fully into life and share your gifts. Trust the emergence, join us in practice. 

We will cover

-       Back, shoulder and other joint pain

-       Functional & fluid alignment in flow

-       Fascial Lines

-       Tensegrity

-       Inversions

-       Healthy back bends

-       Natural movement vs normal movement

-       Psoas

-       Digestion

-       Emotional holding patterns

-       Getting unstuck

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