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Primal Flow Weekend | Glow Yogastudio | Haarlem, Netherlands

In this Primal Flow immersion Nianna will offer you new insights into dynamic postural alignment based on current research in tensegrity, biodynamics and new understanding of fascia that will encourage supple healthy movement and function in the flow of yoga practice and life.


In this practice you will be challenged to become a strong and able container and examine your weakness to cultivate strength. Come and tap into your deepest most authentic reservoir of strength, focus, and clarity. Once you realize that the only way out is in you enter fully into life and share your gifts. All sessions include lecture, Q&A, therapeutic partner work and practice and will cover:

  • Back, shoulder and other joint pain
  • Functional & fluid alignment in flow
  • Fascial Lines
  • Biotensegrity
  • Healthy back bends
  • Natural movement vs normal movement

Workshops this weekend

Saturday 11:00-13:30: The Power of the Arch
We will look at what is normal vs natural, the evolution of postural yoga and how relevant it is in todays rapidly changing world of modern yoga. We will examine healthy movement of joints of the knees, hips, shoulders and spine.

Saturday 15:00-17:30: Fascia and Biotensegrity
We will discover myofascial line and directionality, learn how biotensegrity is changing how we understand postural alignment and explore movements that exercises, activate and embody this new understanding.

Sunday 10:00-12:30: The Psoas
Time to move away from pain and toward a healthful posture and way of being in the world. We will look at the relationship between the psoas and emotions. We will look at the anatomical relationship between the psoas and the glutes and what this has to do with healthy posture and emotional wellness.

Sunday 14:00-16:30: Supple Back Bends
We will activate and awaken the posterior chain for dynamism, vitality, confidence and radiance. Back bends done differently will revolutionize they way you move in your yoga practice and life.

About Nianna

International teacher from Santa Monica, CA. Celebrating 20 years of practice. Throughout her global travel adventures she has touched the hearts of many and inspires health, happiness and authentic connection everywhere she goes. With her distinct teaching style and vast knowledge of the body and spiritual traditions she leads teacher trainings, workshops and retreats. 


Full weekend Early Bird Rate (booked and paid before April 1): 135 euro. After April 1, normal rate: 150 euro.
Price per workshop: 40 euro (full weekend is recommended)
For who: We welcome everyone (all levels) to enjoy these workshops!