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Sensual Embodiment | Le Tigre | Paris, France

Sorry but I won't be able to teach this workshop in Paris this year. Due to an accident I have had to cancel the rest of Europe tour. If you would like to know what happened please join my email list on the bottom of this page as you will always get personal updates from me. I am sorry to miss you. Have a beautiful summer. Thank you for your love and healing light. Xn

Sensual Embodiment  

Dimanche 4 juin de 11h30 à 14h00

Learn the ways of the awakened feminine through earth based spiritual embodiment practices.

Liberate yourself to walk your path with courage. Ignite a fire in your heart, hips and belly that will keep you connected to your purpose. Unlock your creative potential and learn to regenerate, heal and empower yourself to live a life you love.

As women we thrive in community with our sisters, drawing strength and wisdom from one another.

Nianna will guide you through sensual feminine embodiment practices. You will dance with the mystery, activate your sexual energy, and learn to listen deep and speak your truth. You will be encouraged to release shame as you build true confidence through radical self-love and exceptional self-care.

Be ready to move your body in mindful awareness and feel yourself come alive with Shakti...

International teacher from Santa Monica, CA, celebrating over 20 years of practice throughout global travel adventures, Nianna has touched the hearts of many and inspires radiant health, true happiness and authentic connection everywhere she goes. As a leader in the women's empowerment movement she is passionate about educating on women's sexual health, sensual embodiment

and self-sovereignty... A wonderful occasion to benefit from her unique practice in Paris!

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