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Tenerife, Spain | Feminine Embodiment 50 hrTeacher Training & Retreat

Though we as women are equal to men and share the human experience, we are indeed different in many ways. Women think, feel, and act in relation to and about the world from their own female perspective. Yet, we live in a world that highly values masculine principles and encourages our own masculine traits to flourish.

To balance our masculine and feminine attributes it is important to discover and connect with our feminine principle in a way that honors and accentuates the positive and inherent qualities therein. What makes a woman uniquely feminine in an empowered way? What is our feminine nature? What is our feminine soul?


“I believe that right now there is a unique and rich opportunity for the western woman, and any woman who is free to make her own decisions, to empower herself, become a leader in her community and contribute her skill and talent to our ever growing and changing global society.

A woman has much to offer this world when she finds her voice, awakens her feminine soul, embodies her sensuality, nourishes pleasure in her life, and ignites an inner fire of radical self-love and exceptional self-care.

Many women, despite their best efforts find themselves stressed and exhausted. Yet, when a woman is tune with her true nature she taps into a reservoir of energy that is at once vital and grounded bringing greater ease and confidence in life.”


Feminine Embodiment is a training designed for women based on Nianna's work as a movement artist and healer and is a branch of her teaching method.  The Bray Method is an integrated approach to wellness that sources best practices from 22 years of study and teaching experience of yoga, tantra, dance, movement therapy, ritual performance, cultural and religious studies, group leadership and interpersonal dynamics.


This 50-hour Feminine Embodiment teacher training course will give both curious practitioners and experienced teachers a map to teaching movement based classes to women in their communities and enhance their own personal practice.

Trainees in the course will go through a process of their own healing journey which is paramount for anyone who is interested in helping others.


What you will experience in the course includes, but not limited to;

  • inner inquiry via mindful meditation, dharma talks, silence and dialogue
  • movement practices including dance yoga and tantra
  • mindfulness meditations for emotional clearing
  • nature based wisdom and ritual
  • circle sharing
  • writing exercises
  • partner work


In this course, you will learn how to serve other women in your community including,

  • How to teach and sequence a Feminine Soul Embodied class
  • How to create ritual space
  • How to be a leader and hold space for others
  • How to address trauma
  • How to apply and teach self-care practices
  • How to teach tantric breath work and activations in the pelvic floor
  • How to teach anatomy of sexual arousal


Nianna will guide and inspire women to cultivate within themselves the following;

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mental agility
  • Physical prowess
  • Radical self-love
  • Exceptional self-care
  • Self-Sovereignty
  • Confidence

Each day of your residential training retreat you will have ample time to participate in the collective community experience as well enjoy silence and time for personal reflection.

Beside the hours in training we will explore the natural wonders of the area.


Includes 7 days and 6 nights accommodation at yoga retreat centre Mandala de Masca Tenerife, fantastic vegetarian meals served three times daily, water, aqua’s fresca and tea plus the complete registered 50hrs Teacher Training program.

€ 1.095,- p/p shared mini-dorm (max 4 women) with private bathroom
€ 1.295,- p/p shared double room (max 2 women) with private bathroom

Flights are not included.


All benefits of this retreat will go straight to Yogini rosa Foundation to support women diagnosed with breast cancer through customized yoga retreats.


Nianna is a tantric yogini and international teacher sharing the spiritual wisdom of self-realization with over 20 years of practice and 12 years of teaching experience. She is a real teacher who gets to the heart of her students and sees people for who they truly are and has a love for humanity that is refreshing and sincere.

She is honest and compassionate in a way that makes those around her feel loved, seen and felt allowing them to open.

While her outer beauty and embodiment shines bright, her inner beauty, integrity and authenticity is what deeply inspires others.

Most importantly she is a trustworthy friend on the path that lights a fire in the hearts of those she meets.


Nianna is honored to team up with Yogini rosa Foundation a non-profit organization that brings healing and empowerment to women who have breast cancer through customized retreats.