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Women’s Weekend Retreat The Sensual Body: Somatic Pathways of Presence, Power and Pleasure | Glow Yogastudio Haarlem

We can’t wait to have our dear friend and teacher Nianna Bray back at Glow for this unique Women’s Weekend Retreat. This retreat is for all women out there who need some ‘me’ time. Whether you are looking for a deeper connection within yourself or want to heal from trauma, this weekend retreat is for you! Come and join us in this beautiful circle of women under the professional and loving guidance of Nianna.

Through our body we sense the outer world and the outer world leaves an impression upon us. In life each of us will experience pain and loss, joy and peace as well as the mundane and ordinary. We integrate each experience into the whole of who we are. How we transition through life’s circumstance will determine how we perceive ourselves and interact with the world.

It is through the nervous system that we regulate our response to pleasure and pain and integrate traumatic experience, loss and grief as well as overwhelming joys and love’s simplicity. Our soma holds great wisdom and speaks to us clearly through image, emotion and sensation. It is our work to learn to listen, slow down, and feel our way through it all. This is how we heal.

What to expect
In this weekend intensive we will work with Nianna’s unique movement approach that utilizes her years of study in yoga, dance, Somatic Experiencing, Tibetan Buddhism and diverse movement modalities. We will move and breathe in ways that liberate stuck energy, strengthen and stabilize while encouraging mobility and freedom of expression. We will hold space for sacred circle, discussion of movement principles, and practical application of healing wisdom in everyday life. 

For who
This workshop is open to women of all levels of movement experience. Be prepared to explore your physical and emotional totality and be ready to listen to what your bodymind is waiting to reveal to you. Come curious, open minded and willing to do the inner work that can be challenging and extremely rewarding. This will be a radical unfolding of your feminine power and pleasure through awakening your sensual body.

Nianna’s Bio
Nianna’s teaching is a mind body approach that’s rooted in yoga practice and philosophy, dynamic functional posture, somatic psychology and mindfulness as primary tools to awaken human potential, integrate traumatic experience and cultivate healthy relationships with self and other. 
She has studied with master teachers in the US and India, mentored with Shiva Rea and Micheline Berry, and earned her Bachelor of Arts from UCLA World Art & Culture Department. 
Her most recent guru was the lessons learned from a broken ankle two years ago that left her temporarily disabled for nearly a year. The journey of learning to walk again and regain strength led her to heal from trauma, recover and return to the studio to share this wisdom with you.

“Over the past 23 years I have dedicated my life to somatic studies. My rich and diverse background includes dance, movement therapy, wilderness therapy, Yoga, Tantra and Buddhist philosophies and practices.  I draw from my training in bodywork and somatic psychology to nurture the evolutionary human development and potential. 
Through my felt human experience, cultural immersions and spiritual exploration I have connected to the world, cultivating in myself a love for humanity, movement and meditation that informs who I am and how I serve.” ~ Nianna

When: Friday 9 August – Sunday 11 August
Times: Friday 15:00-20:00 | Saturday 13:00 – 19:00 | Sunday 10:00 – 16:00
Early bird price 169 euro (booked and paid before July 9) | 189 euro (after July 9)
Teacher: Nianna Bray
Sign up: you can reserve your spot here (please register as unpaid to receive confirmation and payment info)