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Nourish Weekend Retreat | Portland, OR


with Sarah Tomlinson & Nianna Bray

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*Counts for 12 hours YACEP Continuing Education Credit

In the spring we experience a new found joy that blossoms naturally with the Earth's own renewal. With the support of nature and the elements we will explore the nourishing relationship between the sun and the moon and the radiant effects that yantra and yoga have on the body, psyche and soul. 

Calling all lovers of Ma. Devotees of the goddess and all things Sri. We are hosting a beautiful weekend of yoga, yantra, bhajan and at my moms beautiful retreat center just outside of Portland, OR at The Lodge at Three Goats Farm

It will be a blessing for all as we nourish and replenish our creative spirit and welcome in the most auspicious blessings of Sri to move forward with clarity and abundance. The Devi calls us together in gratitude of the regenerative and nourishing aspect of love, community and ceremony. Release the layers of the past and be born anew.

My beautiful mother, Gabriella Cordova will be nourishing us with delicious meals and a beautiful forest haven. Sarah Tomlinson will be masterfully teaching on Yantra and offering us a beautiful Sri Yantra Puja on Sunday to culminate. John Yochanan Russell will be providing his beautiful bhajan, his celestial voice will accompany our classes. I will lead tantra flow yoga, kriya and meditation with every once of my soul.

This is for the benefit of all

Through the lens of traditional tantric ritual and sadhana of the Sri Vidya lineage we will explore the many ways to nourish ourselves and our intimate relationships. From an holistic approach and the use of asana (posture), pranayama (breath), dhyana (meditation), mantra (sound), yantra (sacred geometry) and the healing wisdom of silence we will resonate with a wider view, prolific creative flow, and wild generosity of heart and spirit. 

The teachings shared in this weekend workshop and retreat will help dislodge stuck energy around your creative process, awaken vital currents to ward off exhaustion, and expand your awareness and willingness to participate fully with life.  

Yantras are geometric symbols that contain the specific energy of a planet or deity. Each Yantra imparts a healing energy that you can harness in your life. Yantras come from Northern India around 2,000BC. They are from the tradition of Tantra which gave rise to Mantras (audible sounds used for healing) and Yantras; their visual counterpart. LEARN MORE ABOUT YANTRAS



We will gather in the lush greens of Portland, Oregon amidst the towering Douglas Fir trees and beside the gently flowing Clackamas river. We are located on Three Goats Farm in the country only 33 minutes from Downtown Portland and the PDX airport. A beautiful large wood lodge on 40 acres of forested and cultivated farm land will be our home for the weekend. To accompany the nourishing teachings you will have access to walks in nature, communion with the river, patio and yard space to rest and reflect, a warm fire place and a spacious yet cozy atmosphere to connect with tribe. 



Sarah Tomlinson is an internationally acclaimed Yantrika (Yantra teacher and practitioner), yoga teacher and artist, with renowned fans across the globe including Elena Brower and Sharon Gannon, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga. Sarah worked extensively with her mentor Harish Johari in India, he initiated her into the spiritual practice of painting Yantras. She leads retreats and Yantra workshops around the world and enjoys lots of time by the ocean with her husband and two young boys.


Nianna Bray a lover of life, dedicated yogini and compassionate friend. She has traveled the world connecting with men and women from different cultures to distill the essence of our common humanity. Her teachings touch the heart of our daily lived experience. She empowers her students to step bravely onto their path and love with a vulnerable and open heart. After over 20 years of practice and 12 years of teaching in the USA and internationally, she has cultivated a unique voice and approach while honoring her lineage.

We are blessed with bhajan by John Yochanan Russel. His celestial voice and musical wizardry on the guitar will carry us into deep devotion and revery as we feel the presence of Ma all around. He is the founder of Ancient Medicinal Herbs and will have some available for purchase. 

Nourish Weekend Retreat can be experienced as either a residential retreat or full program with off-site accommodation. There is an option to stay an extra night and on Monday receive one-on-one private sessions with Sarah, or healing bodywork with Nianna. 



Full Weekend Program $250 Friday - Sunday, 5 meals, tea, fruit & snacks $75

Friday & Saturday Program $170, 3 meals, tea, fruit & snacks $50

Saturday & Sunday Program $200, 4 meals, tea, fruit & snacks $60

Saturday only $125, 2 meals, tea, fruit & snacks $35

Sunday only $125, 2 meals, tea, fruit & snacks $35

* Please order meals in advance


FARM FRESH FOOD all meals and snacks will be cooked and prepared by my mother and fabulous chef. Selection will be healthy, fresh mostly organic, local when possible,  grown/harvested from Three Goats Farm or other local farms, lacto-ovo or vegetarian, tasty, delicious and made with love.


Weekend Residential Guests Friday afternoon - Sunday evening

Shared Dorm Style room 10 beds  $150/pp  (10 single beds, bathroom ensuite) 

Private Front Room Single $210/ Shared $160pp  (2 rooms, 4 beds, shared bathroom)

Private Back Room  Single $250/shared $175pp (2 rooms, 4 beds, jack & Jill ensuite bathroom, separate entrance, direct porch access)

Master Room 2 people $395, 4 /people $95pp  (4 beds, or 2 queen beds, private ensuite bathroom, Jacuzzi bathtub, private balcony)

Sleeping Alcove $125 ( 2 avail) 




4- 5 arrive, settle into rooms, tea

5 - 7 sharing circle, intro to yantra & Sri Vidya and breath/meditation

7 - 8 dinner

8 - 9 pranayama & mantra

* Arrive early on Friday for massage. Schedule in advance only. Please contact Nianna 3104256850 or



6 - 8 tea & fruit - quiet time 

8 - 10 morning yoga and meditation - clearing

10 - 11 yummy brunch

11 - 3 yantra drawing and coloring

3 - 5 - free time, fruit, tea, nature, massage, journal

5:30pm - 6:30 - dinner

7 - 9 evening session  - wind down

9 - 10 fire side chats



6 - 8 tea & fruit - quiet time 

8 - 10 morning yoga and meditation - intention setting 

10 - 11 brunch

11 - 3  Sri Yantra Chakra ritual - The culmination of the weekend. A beautiful ceremony to invoke healing, the pure presence of the divine. This will be a blessing for all.

2 - 3 prasad, fruit, high tea, nature, journal

3 - 6 Yantra Drawing and Coloring

6 - 7 closing circle

7 - 8 dinner

Depart after dinner or stay until Monday 2nd for a day of relaxed wellness, massage and private one on one healing sessions. Please prebook private sessions and additional nights stay with Nianna 310.425.6850 or via email

One on one with Sarah Tomlinson  

Elemental Ayurvedic Consultation

Take the opportunity before or after our weekend weekend to receive your personal Elemental Ayurvedic Consultation with Sarah Tomlinson

If you are feeling like you need to revitalize your current life path, this session is for you, whether in areas of health, wealth, love or matters of the spirit. Sarah offers strong intuitive guidance and many practical tools to support you during this point in your evolution.

During your two hour consultation using the Ayurvedic Astrological Data and your current Yantra influences we will work together to discover:

  • the direction you are primed to move in now
  • your best tools to get there
  • what is holding you back (and how to navigate this)
  • your deep well of joy and potential within

Friday 2-4 pm

Monday 10-12 & 12-2 pm 

Contact Sarah directly to schedule your consultation, send your birth time, date and place along with desired time slot to:

Read more about these sessions


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