My intention is that these pages provide us the means to stay connected, that they inspire you to step firmly on your path and continue forward with your heart set ablaze. We are the keepers of the sacred flame, we are here to wake the sleeping tiger and ignite our wild fire.


Integrated Tantra and Yoga

Yoga and Tantra are ancient arts of body, mind and spirit that engage the practitioner in embodiment rituals for healing, integration, and wisdom of the self. This is a path of service, self-realization and participation with Shakti, the primal life force or energy in all things.

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Grateful Goddess:  Power Pleasure & Purpose

 Photo Credit:  ryan patterson     

Photo Credit: ryan patterson


After working closely with women it became clear that we need our own private and safe place to express our potency in all its manifestations. Our sexuality is a key to our pleasure which leads us to our power. We we are empowered we will our purpose. That purpose serves ourselves and humanity in equal measure.

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Travel, Culture and adventure

I would not be who I am without the journey I have walked. Traveling the world has opened my eyes to both the beauty and the suffering, the order and the chaos. When we out ourselves in the midst of the unfamiliar and unknown we learn incredible things and discover aspects of ourselves we didn't know existed. When we become fo

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