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It’s my honor and great privilege to serve you

Over the past 22 years I have dedicated my life to somatic studies. My rich and diverse background includes dance, movement therapy, wilderness therapy, Yoga, Tantra and Buddhist philosophies and practices.  I draw from my training in bodywork and somatic psychology to nurture the evolutionary human experience.

Through my felt human experience, cultural immersions and spiritual exploration I have connected to the world, cultivating in myself a love for humanity, movement and meditation that informs who I am and how I serve.


A journey of discovery

Last May while on an adventure in Mallorca, Spain I severely broke my ankle. After a beautiful hike I joyfully jumped into the Mediterranean Sea and ended up in the hospital. I was drugged up and unable to move for three days. Since then I have been on a journey of rediscovery as my body heals and releases trauma from such a tragic event. 

life is short, each moment is a gift, and it’s never too late to begin

I know what it feels like to have aspects of my identity ripped away. I know the pain and heartbreak of losing what is most dear.  I've learned to embrace even the scariest and darkest of moments and trust my ability to see in the dark. It’s in the trying times that our strength and resolve are tested and we see what we are truly made of.

It's in our darkest moments that we discover the strength of our light 


I have combined my various studies in diverse movement modalities, yoga and buddhist philosophy, current research in biomechanics and applied of somatic psychology.  As a Graduate from UCLA's World Arts and Cultures department and my education abroad in India I began to identify my work in the world and the relevance of ritual space and movement therapies. With an understanding of emotional intelligence, I outline the importance of personal integrity, self-respect and leadership that can be applied on and off the mat.

My teaching style and method touch into the heart of our collective humanity and awakens compassion within each individual to seek out and live in alignment with ones own truth. I believe a poignant and down-to-earth approach communicates effectively. I emphasize the importance of practice and accountability with a playful curiosity yet reverent tribute to lineage.





Endless pranams to my Guru. Though the influences on me are many, some of my greatest teachers include Nandan Guatam, Shiva Rea, Micheline Berry, Pema Chodran, Gabrielle Roth, Elena Brower, Anna Marti, Vinn Marti, Emilie Conrad, and Mark Whitwell. 

When our ego cracks the essence of life is revealed, our heart opens to love, and our purpose becomes clear

I am grateful for the mentorship of my teachers who continue to light my path with their brilliance, friendship, and love in this great circle of life. My intention is to use everything I have to awaken humans to their soul’s calling and hearts longing, empower leaders and inspire each person I meet to widen their capacity to love, heal and grow.


Love notes

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"In my private yoga sessions with Nianna I was able to access something unattainable in my private practice or group yoga classes elsewhere.  Her fierce focus and gentle intuition always guided me to a cutting edge, helped me to be able to work with and transform my energy in a practical and spiritual way.  I ended every session in a state of bliss that seemed so simple and accessible in her presence.  Nianna has truly walked the path she teaches and so really embodies what she shares - she makes the space for real shifts very tangible."  

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"One thing is important. You’re are teaching to me on a high level. Not the way you used to, yet very meaningful. You have no idea how your words are resonating. It might be on a different matter but your healing process and the things you suffer and how you reflect on those is teaching. I am sure others feel the same and are resonating with your words that “life cuts both ways.”  I want to thank you for that. with warm love, and sincere long belly hug."  

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"I have had the opportunity to attend multiple retreats and workshops with nianna and have always emerged feeling more empowered and centered as a result. She is deeply passionate about her practice and most of all about helping her students reach a powerful mind-body-soul connection. It is rare to find a yogi as intuitive and committed and it is a pleasure to practice with such a nurturing and loving soul such as Nianna's."