ONLINE Classes

Audio Classes

Yoga can be easy. Yet it does require we set aside time to devote to practice. Finding time for yoga isn’t always easy. I want to make sweet and easy for you to practice yoga with me at home. With your computer or smart phone, you can follow along with my pre-recorded audio lessons in your own living room. You can even close your eyes and simply listen for instruction. With a soft yet grounded voice and articulate language and cues you will be able to relax into the moment, let everything else fall away and go deep into a meditative internal state of awareness.

There will be a selection of different topics, themes and practices that include asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath techniques), kriya (energy activations), mudra (gestures), bandha (physical and energetic seals), meditation. As well, there will be audio of various duration to fit your schedule.

Video Classes

Yoga can be a pleasurable experience. It can also expose us to our pain and be very uncomfortable. With time and practice we begin to melt the rough edges and strengthen the weaknesses. Its a practice of coming home to yourself. 

 I have a few classes currently free online. You can participate when you have a moment to check in and open up. These lessons are of the gentle yet powerful variety. You will be encouraged to look within, stay and be with yourself in a loving and healing way. Trust the yoga. Trust your process. Learn to trust your body, settle your nervous system and calm your mind.