IG Strategy

IG Strategy

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Have you been curious how to leverage technology and social media marketing and just not sure where to begin? Have you been reading lots of articles and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Are you about to say "F it!" and forget about the whole thing anyway!? 

Pause. Get clear about your message.  

Ok, are you ready to share that message with the world?

Do you understand that value of using the social media platform, Instagram, to build your digital presence and widen your online reach? 

Are you ready to invest some time and money into getting your message, product or service seen and heard by a limitless global audience? 

Are you interested in adding value to the lives of your current clients/students/customers?  

Are you ready to make it easy for your local community to access your offering/message/service/product?

Are you willing to seamlessly convert engagement into action that generates income?

In this consultation with me I will find out what your goals are, analyze your IG presence and then outline a course of action depending on your specific goals, time and financial resources. 

The best way to grow any business will always depend on word of mouth and personal referrals. Yet, with the advance of smart phones and the easy access of apps and social platforms there is a new world emerging and the rules change daily. 

If you want to mindfully position yourself and make the most out of your online presence register and pay below and I will contact you to set up a consultation via Skype. 

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