One on One Counsel

One on One Counsel


You have been living the best life you can. Yet, something is missing, a dream is yet fulfilled, a goal sits forever on the horizon unmet.

The missing piece is you. It's time to discover yourself and what you are truly capable of. 

Embarking on one on one coaching with me is a radical yet effective approach to waking up and returning home to yourself, moving forward despite fear, uncovering your deepest desires and manifesting the life you want.

I will help you get to the bottom of what it is you truly want and coach you on how to go about making it happen. You will see clearly the real changes required to live your dreams in real life.

My job is to track your fears and point out your escape valves, identify your limiting beliefs, illuminate your discouraging inner narrative and teach you how to hold yourself accountable to the life you want to live. I use various techniques and tools. Be ready to write, move, breathe, feel, think and act differently. 

Together, we will implement ways of being and thinking that cultivate personal integrity and your ability to make a solid promise to yourself and keep it. You will learn to believe in yourself based on actualizing results and integrating all aspects of yourself. 

Take a moment to feel into yourself. If you feel a resounding, "Hell Yes! I'm ready to begin" register now and pay now then I will be in concat with you to set up a call. 

I look forward to witnessing your growth, cultivate trust and counsel you along the way.


$100/session (discount rate for participants of 30 Days of Yoga Empowerment course. January 17 thru February 15 only)

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