Teacher Training 

After 22 years of practice and an intense journey of recovery from traumatic injury, I have combined my various studies in diverse movement modalities, yoga, tantra and buddhist philosophy, current research in biomechanics and applied somatic psychology. With an understanding of emotional intelligence, I outline the importance of personal integrity, self-respect and leadership that can be applied on and off the mat.

My teaching method touches into the heart of our collective humanity; we are here to wake up. My intention is to awaken compassion and ignite a spark within you to seek out and live in alignment with your truth. My down-to-earth approach emphasizes the importance of tapas, discipline of practice, and accountability with a playful curiosity yet reverent tribute to lineage.

The Bray Method is a mind body modality that’s rooted in yoga practice and philosophy, dynamic functional postural alignment and mindfulness as primary tools to awaken human potential, integrate traumatic experience and cultivate healthy relationships with all self and other.

We learn by example. Through our embodiment we teach others.

We learn by example. Through our embodiment we teach others.

For a yogi the student teacher relationship is of great importance.

For a yogi the student teacher relationship is of great importance.

Learning to trust the support around us, we discover how far we can go.

Learning to trust the support around us, we discover how far we can go.

In our system we work with traditional techniques combined with current research scientifically proven to balance the nervous system, prevent inflammation, improve immune function, regulate emotional states, increase mental dexterity, and strengthen physical agility.

Applied psychology and physiology, yogic and tantric technologies, Tibetan Buddhist meditation, the freedom of dance and science of functional movement are essential aspects of The Bray Method.

Living with the stresses of life we can easily be weighed down, overwhelmed and unsure of our path. Yoga gives us a map that can illuminate our way out of the darkness and steadily forward on a path of awakening.


A conscious life includes health and well-being of mind and body, being in tune with our hearts desire and living aligned with our Souls purpose. Being a yogi/yogini means taking full responsibility for our lives and walking the path of our own unique dharma, life purpose. Becoming a yoga teacher is stepping firmly into a life of service as we endeavor to learn, grow and powerfully share the wisdom of our lineage with those who seek a path toward self-realization.

You are completely unique, and your gifts are needed in the world, in your community and realized within yourself. No one can bring what you bring the way you bring it. The Bray Method (TBM) is designed to encourage free-thinking, personal expression, and compassionate, self-sovereign leadership. There are people in the world waiting for your voice, your teachings and will only hear it the way you teach and deliver it. TBM inspires and brings out your greatness so that your strengths shine, acknowledges your shadow so that your hiding places are revealed, inspires compassion so your wounds may be healed, and ignites your resolve to stay in this moment so the power of your presence is felt and know.


practice & theory

  • Asana (physical postures)

  • Pranayama (Yogic breathing technique)

  • Yama & Niyama (Personal and Ethical observances)

  • Kriya (purification practices)

  • Dhyana (Concentration and Focus)

  • Dharana (Meditation and Mindfulness)

  • Dynamic Functional Alignment

  • Emphasis on Natural Curves of the Spine

  • Spiral Architecture

  • Biomechanic Tensegrity

  • Mindful Movement as Medicine

I offer YA certified Continued Education Modules to support your growth as a teacher and leader in your community. My goal is to provide you with new information, tried and true techniques and an authentic approach to the yoga world that becomes increasingly more commercialized.

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