Nianna Bray




Nianna is an international yoga teacher who inspires her student with both her in-depth knowledge of yoga traditions and culture and her openhearted, liberated teaching style. 

Her comprehensive study with master teachers of diverse methods of yoga, dance and healing arts in the US and India has given rise to her thoughtful translation and dissemination of ancient wisdom in modern times. She is eternally grateful for the mentor-ship, trust and tutelage of her beloved teachers who continue to light her path with their brilliance, friendship and love. Dedicated students make for the best teachers and Nianna's commitment to learning is inherent in her teaching.



"Yoga found me at a time when I was really young and searching for meaning, answers and a way out of my teenage angst, pain and confusion. Throughout the years I continued to explore different paths yet yoga claimed me. Even now I believe my life and work as a yoga teacher has chosen me. I trust the process and go where I feel guided. Yoga gave me something to hold onto in a chaotic world where nothing made sense. And since my very first class yoga has been my rock, my constant, my lover, my teacher and friend on the path of self-realization, freedom and integration. I know it will do the same for you if you let it. I trust yoga and I trust that if you are curious and courageous enough yoga and your own listening will answer your questions and usher you to truth. Be careful what you wish for because soon enough it will come and you will have to step into the life you have dreamed of and all the responsibility that comes with it. "  ~ Nianna

Nianna is uniquely her own. Her teaching is relevant to modern life while steeped in the tradition of eternal wisdom. She has woven her diverse embodied translation of wisdom teachings into the fabric of her life with power and grace. Her trainings, classes and retreats are grounded, inspired, nurturing and integrated,  With guidance from the eight limbs of Yoga by Patanjali she shares yoga that is rooted in vinyasa krama and tantra in line with the lineages of Krishnamacharya and Sri Vidya .

Her teaching is rooted in the transmissions received from the modern mystics whom she has had the honor to study closely with during her time in her birth place, Los Angeles. Her most essential inspiration has come from a decade of apprenticeship with Micheline Berry, Shiva Rea, Denise Kaufman, and Mark Whitwell. This was during an influential time of her evolution at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice where she eventually taught classes along side her mentors. 

Her devotion to mindfulness, embodiment,  the souls unbound freedom and the Divine Feminine along with her own sensual nature has birthed her women's sensual empowerment movement that is creating the space for women to liberate their power, explore sexy/sensual movements and ground themselves in their truth.

"Nianna is a goddess with beauty, brains and soul." - Erich Shiffmann


Before graduating from the World Arts and Cultures program at UCLA she took up residence in India upon receiving a scholarship for a six month study abroad program at Hyderabad University. 

"Yoga with Nianna is a dynamic and inspiring experience where breath, love and asana meet." - Micheline Berry



"I teach yoga because it changed my life in undreamed of ways and I am passionate about sharing this knowledge with others. I never would have thought I would be where I am today. I am living my dream. I won't say it has been easy but I will say that it has all been worth it.  Yoga and Tantra are a science of the heart, a technology for mind and body, that returns us to our soul essence. It reminds us that fear is only a marker that we are truly living and that love, freedom, and connection is what we really want.  We are born and then we die, what we do in between is up to each of us. "