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We are stronger together

In today's automated on-demand world, one on one private sessions with a professional, dedicated teacher are a rare privilege. Our work together will be built on a solid foundation of mutual trust, respect and curiosity. My goal is to continue learning and share what I learn with you. May you be a forever student, young at heart, willing to make mistakes and able to learn from them. Now is the perfect time to get on top of your wellness beginning with your body and how you move in the world.

I work with all levels of practitioner.



Yoga, mindfulness and a conscious lifestyle lead us toward self-realization. This is not something outside of your capacity to experience, it is a fundamental aspect of being human. Awakening to your conditioned reality and moving beyond it in this life is your birthright.

My work is to guide you on your yoga path and help you access a power and peace within. In this life we are all walking each other home. I am with you on the journey.

I will teach you how to breathe, self-regulate, track sensation and felt experience through bodymind awareness. You will learn to identify physical, mental and emotional blocks and integrate them. You will cultivate personal integrity and powerful presence.

Whether you are brand new or an advanced practitioner I will meet you where you are and encourage your evolution.

Empower your life

Bespoke Wellness

  • Yoga & meditation practice & philosophy

  • Personal training & PT coaching

  • Teacher mentorship

  • Sensual empowerment & tantra for women 

  • Movement and wilderness therapy

  • Trauma Release

  • Recovery after injury, pregnancy or years of misuse

  • Thai yoga massage & manual therapy


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As one who has been a practitioner of Yoga for over 20 years at various levels and in various styles, I am always impressed when someone can put a personal touch on the tried and true. Nianna seamlessly fuses intention with delivery, yielding an authentic dynamic of praxis and theory. Nianna lives Yoga on and off the mat, an example that many could learn from.”
— Robert - Belgium