Great Escapes

It’s time for your great escape. It’s time to leave convention behind and journey out to far off lands, explore something new and catch a glimpse of that carefree and inspired part of yourself you haven’t seen in awhile. Perhaps you are called to be of service to others while you discover the world and yourself. Retreats are an opportunity to take a step back from the stresses of our modern life and into a slower and deeper rhythm of connection to self, source, wilderness and community.

For the past 10 years, I have been leading international yoga and wellness adventures as well as volunteer travel programs. My passion is to guide you on a spiritual journey that supports your soul work. On a retreat with me you will engage and learn about life through cultural immersion, wilderness adventures and inner inquiry.

Yoga, travel and nature are bridges that bring you closer to humanity and an appreciation for our differences. You will discover new aspects of yourself that had been hidden behind habit. You will meet new people and enjoy the blessings of a global family.

To travel and retreat is to immerse yourself in daily practice, adopt rituals of self-care and explore new territory. Tending to your spiritual practice and inner life supports your goals, inspires your dreams, and awakens your heart. You will be inspired to bring these healthy habits home with you. 

I ensure that as my guest you are nurtured and feel supported.  It is important to me that you feel safe and willing to surrender yet are wild and free enough to embark on a daring adventure. You will have a breakthrough and return to your own heart and truth.

Sometimes we must go far away to return home. Sometimes we must forget who we think we are to find the truth of who we are becoming.

Upcoming Retreats 

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