This is the restorative class I taught on Fridays for the past 6 seasons at the Ashram Mallorca. I made this video for all the Ashram guest that I love so much. Enjoy and keep moving, breathing and feeling good. 42 minutes

This was my classic sequence that I taught at the Ashram Mallorca for the past 6 seasons. This is for all the Ashram guests that I love so much. Big hug to you as you journey into healthy and happiness. 39 Minutes  With love, Nianna 

For strong and open pelvic floor, hips & back. This is inspired from my study and training in Bowspring, Prana Vinyasa, somatic movement arts and healing modalities over the past 20 years. This sequence is based on the understanding of fascia, functional biomechanics and biotensegrity.
Blast your hips and heart open with strength and clarity in movement and emotional dexterity. Inspired by my amazing teachers and 20 years of movement and embodied spiritual practices. Big love to Desi Spring and her Bow spring practice for liberating my glutes to rise!

Yoga for travelers shot in Bali 2013

This is a short sequence you can enjoy after flying. It will restore your energy and harmonize the lines of the body energy flow. You will feel great after! When you are done either sit in meditation or lay back in savasana. Shot in New Zealand.

Nianna Bray filmed in Paris, France

More info on their website: Check out Gabriel's intriguing books! (All books also available on and other Amazon online stores.) Gabriel's spiritual website: Gabriel's adventure travel site: Gabriel Morris was born in Vancouver, Canada, raised in rural northern California and has also lived in Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon and Alberta, Canada.

Meet Nianna Bray, international yoga teacher and trantic yogini. Nianna has studied with many talented teachers, including Shiva Rea, Eric Schiffmann, Denise Kaufman, and Mark Whitwell, and now teaches yoga classes all over the world.

An interview with Nianna Bray by Michelle Taffe from Nianna is a nomadic yoga teacher (global yogi) and the founder of Away Inward Retreats.

Shoot for the Cover of Yoga Magazine in Amsterdam April 2015