Dymanic Balance New Zealand Wellness Retreat at Aro Ha


7 days / 6 nights

Away Inward Retreats has teamed up with Aro-Ha to offer you the finest in summer luxury adventure retreat. Combining the beauty of New Zealand’s south island with the eco-advanced retreat space, we have created an itinerary that will cleanse and

Ryan Patterson &
Nianna Bray

Ryan and Nianna continue to deliver life-changing retreats around the world. Together they offer a divine balance of masculine and feminine energy. As well versed yogis and healers they have the ability to identify individual needs and group dynamic to call forth each participants full potential.

strengthen your body, refresh your mind, and rekindle the illumination of your soul.

Morning yoga and pranayam practice will reawaken the dormant energy that is your life force. Hiking through the hillsides will remind you where your heartbeat is and encourage you to look within. Exercise and movement classes during the day will tone your body. The spa and your daily massage will wash the tension away. Homegrown nutrient rich cuisine will nourish you. Each evening a restorative yoga session will slow you down and regenerate your body, mind and “sole”.

What makes Aro Ha’s Adventure in Wellbeing different?

  • Hiking in New Zealand’s World Heritage area.
  • First-of-its-kind fusion of results oriented wellness program and purpose built, permaculture based, self-sustaining facility.
  • Intimate target group size of 12-15
  • A team of wellness professionals focused on providing a peak experience
  • Whole Foods Cleansing Cuisine – gluten free, vegetarian, paleo, and enzymatically active menu
  • All inclusive program pricing
  • Zen inspired accommodation

Ryan and Nianna have a history of changing lives. With an international clientele, they travel the world sharing the wisdoms of yoga and wellness. With a combined experience of more than 30 years in the healing arts they have an eye for alignment and dis-ease; and the knowledge to address it. Based in NYC their wellness retreats include destinations such as Peru, India, East Asia, Europe and the Americas. www.awayinward.com