Calendar - Holland Mini Tour

October 3  Embodying the Goddess | Zaandam, Holland
Goddess Archetypes and practice from women

October 4  Chakra Flow for Radiant Balance | Amsterdam, Holland
Balancing flow workshop based on the Chakra
Samana Yoga

October 5  Women’s Wisdom Workshop | Haarlem, Holland
Shakti Sadhana and Women’s Empowerment Circle
De Yoga Temple

October 5  Core Empowerment | Haarlem, Holland
Activate your potential, awaken your core
De Yoga Temple

October 6  Prana and the Five Winds | Utrecht, Holland
Prana Flow focused on the  pancha vayus
Yoga Moves

October 6  Yin Yoga: Sweet Surrender | Alphen, Holland
A sublime and receptive practice with long deep holds
Yoga Treasure

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