Spirit Journey to Peru

Traveling to Peru was a dream I had for myself for a very long time. Ever since I saw a picture of the now iconic Macchu Picchu high up on the mountain top, I was inspired to take the journey to The Andes of South America.

As the years went by I heard many great things about Peru: the hikes, shamans, Incan culture, plant medicine, the wild nature of the mountains and the lovely Peruvian people.  It wasn’t until I met my partner, Ryan Patterson, that I actually made the trip.

Six years ago Ryan started a retreat company that we now co-direct called Away Inward Retreats, that leads groups on spirit adventure travel. My first trip I guided an intimate group through Peru. It was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. The people were down to earth, grounded and kind. The center that hosted our retreat was absolutely gorgeous and the food heavenly.

Ryan led us on cultural explorations through local markets, old ruins and to Macchu Picchu by train. I taught yoga every day and our shamans led us through traditional ceremony.  As part of our retreat, we visited an orphanage that AIR has been supporting for a few years now. We showed our guests around the facility and learned about a day in the life of these kids, who have been given a chance to prosper. 

As you can imagine, our Away Inward retreat to Peru was transformational, so  much so that we are offering it again. With Ryan’s in depth knowledge of the area and long term partnerships with locals and shamans, my passion for teaching yoga and guiding transformational processes and our shared love of nature, hiking and ceremony, all the bases are covered for an exceptional travel experience that is intimate, authentic and adventurous.

Be warned: you will be challenged, you will step out of your comfort zone a bit but it will be absolutely worth it. This once in a lifetime experience will change you in undreamed of ways and send you home with a new perspective on life. Guests who surrender their egos and are willing to learn from a new country and culture are infinitely rewarded with a heart full of gratitude.


-Nianna Bray


Find more details about our upcoming Peru retreat via Away Inward Retreats, FacebookYoganonymous and The Global Yogi.

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