Scuba Diving in Amed, Bali

When I think about my life I realize how extremely fortunate I am. I understand my privilege and there is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful. Life is an adventure, or like my grandma always said, “life is a trip” and I am here to experience as much of it as I can. I am here to lap it all up like a slobbery dog with a new bone. Life is a tremendous gift and I intend to enjoy it and inspire along the way.

Most recently I was in Bali with my life partner who gets me into things I might not do on my own, another advantage of being in a relationship. This time it was a advanced open water scuba diving course on the east coast of Bali in Amed with Adventure Divers Bali.

We had a brilliant time. Not only did we get to swim with the fish we also learned a lot about buoyancy and how to maintain our float. We practiced our navigation skills and did a deep water dive to understand how air pressure works and the effect of compression on our inner air spaces. We did a night dive (which was slightly creepy for a first timer) and met a peculiar puffer fish who we saw at the start. He spent the first 30 minutes of our dive hanging out with us. He was friendly and interactive and even let us pet him and came back for more. He took a liking to us and we to him.

After 5 more dives under my belt I am feeling more relaxed underwater. I am still consuming too much air but that is mostly due to my excitement over all the fantastic creatures I meet under the sea. It is a wild world of electric beauty, color and strangeness down there. I look forward to returning for more courses with Dave at Adventure Divers. He is a great teacher, super chill with a sense of humor. His partner Lisolette runs the bed and breakfast portion of their company. She is a hostess extraordinaire and treats you better then family and with that same relaxed quality of seeing an old friend again.  All in all we had a wonderful time in Amed. 

My partner, Ryan, and I made the most of our time. We loved our meals at Warung Enak. The flavors were delicious, the food was clean, their service was sweet and swift. The food felt like love as it was all made fresh by a very lovely family. Truly a must find. We even had a massage at the Family Warung down the street. Those two women give the best massages in town but you have to be willing to receive your “mama love” massage out in the open on floor mats in their restaurant amongst the family. 70,000 rupiah for an hour. It was worth the experience.


Nianna BrayComment