Power and Pleasure

There is nothing more beautiful then a woman in her power.  As women, we all know the feeling of sizing another woman up and comparing ourselves to what we think the other woman has or doesn’t have. Yet, this comparison leaves us feeling empty, catty and disconnected from our own beauty and strength. Somehow this epidemic of judging ourselves in comparison to other women continues and to our own peril.  

There is a great power in radically accepting ourselves just as we are, that we can move the world, shake up our lives and call us to a deeper intimacy with life. Feelings of “not being enough” or “too much” can zap our joy for life and puts a heavy strain on our relationships.  Seeing and honoring another woman for all her beauty, strength and accomplishments is empowering and liberating for all.

What women need is to be loved and accepted. I believe what women truly want is to feel and express their sensual female power. Yet, we don’t really have a good role model of what that is. With generations of social conditioning and effective control of female sexuality, women are left feeling confused by their own desire, defeated that they don’t live up to the social standard of what a women should be, and insecure in a market economy driven world that doesn’t value inherent female qualities like pleasure, intuition and nurturing.

I lead women’s circles and work with women encouraging them to liberate their sensual power and I have seen amazing results, epic transformations, individuals reunite with their own feminine soul and return home to their own bodies.  This transformation isn’t that far away or out of reach. This empowerment comes as a natural blessing of being embodied. Strengthening our core, tuning into our hearts and awakening our erotic creature that enjoys pleasure are essential aspects of embodying the goddess that we are. This is what I teach and I have been very successful in helping women get out of their heads and into their bodies where they can truly feel their power and pleasure. 

In my women’s workshops and retreats, I guide women on an embodiment journey that connects them back to their pleasure and power through energizing kriyas that activate shakti, playful and sensual movement that helps to unlock what is stuck and stagnant as well as meditations and tantric breath work that liberate their spirit.  My workshops are about remembering.  My intention is to create a sacred and safe space for women to remember what they already know deep within and help them to find their voice and expression in order to articulate their truth.  I believe there comes a time in a woman’s life when she is no longer interested in comparing herself to and judging other women and would rather come into a sisterhood that is supportive, nurturing and empowering for all. Women need each other. A great healing happens just by being together in circle and together we are stronger. 

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