Nepal Rebuild Project


I arrived in Nepal a few hours ago. Already life is slowing down. If you want to learn patience then come to South East Asia. It has taken me at least an hour to secure internet access to write you this note. Its nice not to rush. 

From an outsiders view Kathmandu feels as amazing as ever. However, the situation in Nepal is not so good. "Its not normal here, Didi." Was one of the first things my Nepali brother said to me upon arrival. The two large earthquake and subsequent aftershocks has taken its toll. But India's embargo is hitting them harder and kicking them while they are down to the point where aligning with China seems like the only available solution. It's sad to see because the Nepali people are keepers of a great Himalayan tradition, they are kind and hard working. You can hear the sound of rebuilding throughout the city of Kathmandu. People trying to get back to 'normal'. 

We are here to help in whatever small way we can. To bring tourism, build a Gorkha village school, and mostly show our friends moral support. We humans just want to know that we are loved. A smile, a hand and a hug go a long way and kids need to be in a safe environment to learn. We have gone through the process of getting our work legal with the government which was no small task. Helping others should be easier then it is sometimes. For those doing non-profit work you know how challenging it can be to get through red tape in order to serve.

Unfortunately, with the current embargo our dollars won't goes as far as we hoped. While we have raised funds due to your generous support and we are very positive about what we can accomplish, I know that I need to reach out one last time before I head into the village and go off line. 

Will you make a donation today? 

Again or perhaps for the first time? 

Any amount is greatly appreciated and goes directly to this project. 

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I am happy to be here, feeling blessed that I can use my time, energy and resources to serve. I am excited to see the village, unplug and nestle into the mountains. I will document our progress and update you when I can. Bless you on your path.

And the adventure continues...



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