How to Relax | On the spot techniques & tips

Learning to relax mindfully is one of the most important tools you have to combat stress and all the ails that accompany. We know now that stress reeks havoc on our bodies by pumping cortisol, the 'stress hormone' through the blood stream. It raises blood pressure, clogs arteries, weakens the immune system, disrupts metabolism causing weight gain, aggravates the nervous system causing gut inflammation, hampers fertility and sex hormones that can lead to erectile dysfunction and problems with ovulation and menstruation, as well as chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue and depression. 

Activating the relaxation response and resting in mindful awareness is the number one key to health and wellness. You will  begin to de-escalate the effects of stress and eventually your body will begin to repair itself and you will move toward more optimal health and function of body and mind. Start relaxing today. 

Here are some techniques and tips you can apply right now and on the spot. 

1) Pause and take in 10 long deep breaths.
2) Practice equal parts breath (same vritit): Inhale for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4. As your breath capacity increases you can slowly increase your count to 5 and more. Never strain.
3) Become aware of your surroundings through your 5 senses.
4) Pay attention to how you feel, knowing you are not the only one to expereince such feelings. 
5) Consciously relax your physical body. Allow your body to soften with each exhale. 
6) Relax your jaw and eyes and belly, specifically.
7) Exhale through the mouth with a quiet AHHH sound. 
8) Feel a light radiance in your heart with your next inhale.
9) Cultivate an inner friendliness and warmth toward yourself
10) Extend that friendliness to others


Only you can prevent the forrest fire that is stress in your life.

You got this. 


Nianna BrayComment