My body hurts. It’s crying out. It’s been through a lot. For the past few months I have been chronically tired due to lack of activity and the simple fact that my body is working overtime to heal my bones. But tonight, I feel a different type of tired. It’s a feeling of having moved my physical and emotional body in a present and powerful way. It’s a feeling I love. Today was the first time I broke a sweat in months! Hallelujah!

Day two of the Soul Motion ™ Foundations course began with a fun easy free form dance. No instruction, no cues, just move and be free. It was playful and light. I did what I could do until Vinn slowed us down to stop, observe and feel. He gathered us in circle, then BAM! Hit us with a piece of writing that struck every cord in my soul and reflected to me the sacred journey I have been on.

For the first time, I heard my literal trauma story told back to me through metaphor. My body warmed up, wetness fell from my eyes as he spoke about the wisdom of taking the leap, deep diving into the sea, shattering bones, and rising again to share the wisdom of the journey. Wow. The teaching in this story is that we don’t stay down there and wallow. We fall apart, heal, rise and return to our communities and bring back the gifts for others in a dance of communion. Life is imperfect and messy. It's nice to be back home in the studio and taste such sweetness.

We moved onto our backs to the explore weight of our bodies on the earth. We focused on the bones settling down and breathing the earth as the earth breathed our bones. From there we listened to the conversation of our feet on the ground and how from there the rest of the body responds. We noticed the weight of the hips, head and heart moving in relationship to space, breath and earth. We were whole and complete.

Today was a day to play. Play with the space and shapes, play with the resistance, play with a partner. Vinn introduced the dance communion. We were encouraged to be in relationship with another dancer without engulfing them as an individual but instead to carry what he calls “dispassionate involvement” and give our partner the truth on the dance floor. Our presence and awareness to sensation as it moves through us was our offering to one another. And we had so much to share.

Because I can’t dance across the floor on my own two feet I explored most of the dance on my lily pad, aka blanket. The earth was my partner and I found a connection to the earth that was profoundly enduring. To place my hands and other areas of contact on the earth and feel her support was humbling. I released into her. Being so close to the earth, needing her so badly, breathing her as she breathed me.

Other moments I felt shame and embarrassment that I was groveling on my hands and knees, trapped in one place. Then the image turned into pride as I sat in my throne like a queen. I had so access to so many emotions and to a wild display of imagery that took me on a healing journey, liberating my soul to dance beyond my body.

The day ended in ecstatic playfulness when we were introduced to “Echo Inspiration”. Within the dance communion each dancer was invited to be the sun or the moon. The sun being the light or initiator of movement and the moon reflecting, not by mirroring but though a spontaneous response that made no sense to the rational mind. This opened a generous dialogue between dancers, a call and response between soul and universe, an ecstatic state where the judgmental critic mind was silenced long enough to taste liberation.

The smiles were big and the dance devoured us whole, reborn in communion, received as the one breath, known as the one taste of life.  

Meet us on the dance floor. Join the movement Soul Motion

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