Soul Motion Foundations Day 4 An Infinite Landscape

Soul Motion Foundations Day 4 Dance Infinite

When I enter the dance I return home and gather all my fragmented pieces. Life rips us apart in all her glorious and treacherous ways. Each step we take out is a wild daring and there are no guarantees. To live is to stretch out into the world, reach and share. Wisdom is knowing when to soften back and dwell in one’s inner most center.

Dance Infinite is the play of self, other, community with what is beyond, in between and all around. We don’t arrive in this place mechanically. Technique can deliver us to the door and tune us in such a way that we resonate with what is unseen but soon enough we must drop our tools, drop our separate ego self and enter the field naked, vulnerable and unafraid.

Every step, every gesture, every encounter is rich with context, emotion, insight, remembering and forgetting. Vinn offered us what he calls the Double Current. Equal and opposing energetic forces that simultaneously move in and out, up and down, from center to/from distal. This play of push and pull can be a violent thrashing of an endless duel or it can be a gentle playful exploration of integrity and anythin in between.

After testing out the Double current in our bodies against the wall we worked with a partner to feel the exchange. With a partner the push pull awakened an inner spiral and tensegrity that held each of us up in a balance of tension, lightness and enduring spatiality. It’s the spiral that can both lead to transcendence and depth as well as the horizontal plane of formidable presence where our human hearts live and interact with one another.

To drop our thoughts and fears, and wholeheartedly surrender into the spiral with a pregnant pause and patients is to arrive within the eternal embrace of the infinite. Vinn gave us plenty of time to move through many levels of resistance in body and mind. Again, his music selection accompanied our souls and invited each of us to stay in the dance by expressing full out or witnessing in stillness and "willing to be in the gaps between". There was no map, only the dance.

The dance opens me up. Allows me the freedom to be weird and the space to move in ways that feel good and satisfy. Different moods move through me; sexy, sensual, goofy, silly, angry, grateful, erotic, prayerful… Sometimes I am the predator, sometimes I am the prey. Sometimes I look in, sometimes I look out. Mostly I am curious and always I am a current moving in space expressing through embodied mudras or gestures. This expression is healing my bones, body, heart and mind and I am grateful.

In the gap between events I was whole and I knew that my body was doing exactly what it needed to do to heal and that I was going to be ok. I could rest in that place of knowing. This break is teaching me about staying. Staying in one place, staying humble, staying in soul prayer, staying close, staying present. Staying open to the currents of love that are streaming in all directions.

We are never alone in the Dance Infinite. We are held in the fabric of existence and it is good to be home. Meet us on the dance floor. Join the movement. Soul Motion.

Nianna BrayComment