It's The Question That Drives Us

What does it take to get started? What does it mean to begin again? And how do we know when it’s time to let go?

My days are spent pondering such questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I best serve others with the talents I possess?

I don’t believe we are meant to search for answers, that seems a fool’s game. Each explanation takes us on a wild goose chase that inevitably leads us to an often-terrifying truth. That there are no absolute answers to the questions worth asking.

Yet in our day to day lives we must make choices. Yes or no? this or that? We choose according to our understanding, intuitive sense and deep listening. If we are lucky we are guided by the subtle feelings, overwhelming emotions, and secret nods from the Universe.

Mostly, I tune into an interoceptive sense of being at home in myself. In yoga, we call this contentment, santosha, our ability to relax into what is. There is something simple, smart and special about appreciating what is right in front of us and working with the moment.

I think it’s our job to question our “why”? Why do we do what we do? I ask myself, why do I teach? Why do I serve? Why do I write? Why do I practice? It’s the question that drives us, not the answer.

All too often we are searching for someone to tell us the answer, tell us what to do, what is wrong or right, how to proceed. Having wise people in my life that I trust and respect is essential for my sanity. We need each other.

When I reach out in moments of need, fear or insecurity I know that my loved one will discerningly reflect to me my beauty and remind me who I truly am. My greatest confidants and mentors are not the ones who give me the answers (wouldn’t that be so easy!). They don’t tell me what to do nor impose their own agenda but instead help me ask the right questions, inquire into my heart’s desire, bravely face my fears and courageously move forward.

Make no mistake, living takes courage. It’s trusting that we can relax into another’s support that gives us strength to be vulnerable. It’s knowing that we are held, can depend on our loved ones and trust ourselves that gives us courage to go out into the world, create and express.

These days I have time to ponder what is important to me. One thing that I am clear about is that for me to continue onward, finding my “why” is everything and knowing that it might change is crucial. That our “why” is fluid and not set in stone is liberating and frees up a lot of energy.

Yet, when we look closely, sit quiet and patiently, our single most important “why” will shine through and will be like our North Star. It will guide us throughout our days and carry us through the darkest and most challenging of times. It won’t be known as an answer but felt as truth.

Nianna BrayComment