How We Heal | An Update

Two years ago today my life changed completely. I went from full time global teaching and travel to nearly full time laying in bed at my mothers home in Clackamas, Oregon.

We never know what life will bring us, we will never live in such a way that adversity won't befall us, we will inevitably face a hardship that will seem insurmountable. We can't control external circumstance, but we can determine how we will perceive it and how to grow from it. 

Today, I take this time to write to you and let you know that I'm back! I have worked hard on my recovery and have come a long way. 4 Major surgeries, a bone graft, a skin graft, 7 procedures in total, 8 months on antibiotics, 6 weeks with a pic line, 9 months of hard core PT, 6 months of therapy, 18 months of Somatic Experiencing study and nearly a year of walking again I'm metal free and on my feet. 

I am here to tell you that whatever challenge you are facing, you can do it! It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. 

While it was my ability to work with what was arising and connect with my body's innate ability to heal itself, I couldn't have done it alone. It was the strong fabric of relationship that held me together. The generosity, skill and support of my team, family, friends and community was invaluable. 

When I was facing the scariest, darkest and hardest moment of my life, what I knew for sure was that I had to reach out and connect. I had to ask for help, I had to soften to receive. I had to trust and allow. I had to make friends with life as it was. 

The path of making friends with life as it is is no small task. It requires courage and it's helpful to use a map. These past two years I have become very intimate with trauma and how it moves, behaves and manifests. I have been cultivating the essence of my approach to living embodied wisdom and my teachings are based on my studies and life experiences. My intention with my work is  create relationship that encourages the best in each of us.

Our ability to heal and grow in character is a result of the relationships we foster, with one another, with our self, with a stranger, or with an enemy. I hope that you find courage today to reach out, open your heart and mind and let love, generosity and kindness flow through you.  

I am proud and honored to be teaching yoga again with a more nervous system based somatic approach to embodiment as well as offering private Somatic Experiencing (TM) Sessions for trauma release and renegotiation. 

Thank you for being a friend on the path.
In kindness,

Nianna BrayComment