Niann's Lucid Lotus Oil 10ml Roller Bottle

Niann's Lucid Lotus Oil 10ml Roller Bottle


Nianna’s Lucid Lotus

Awakens the crown chakra, inspires clear vision and alignment with soul purpose. 

The 10ml roller bottle contains the perfect blend of Lotus Oil with Almond Oil. It includes a Clear Quartz roller as well as small pieces of Hermiker Diamond Quartz to charge, harmonize and amplify healing benefits of the oil and crystals.

This sublime combination balances the Crown Chakra, amplifies spiritual connection and integrates and harnesses sexual energy. As well it induces meditative states, connects us with the divine energies and awakens the soul. 

Inhale the scent and anoint your body daily or use in sacred ceremony. In ancient Egypt, the high priests and priestesses would use the rose oil for anointing of the statues in the temples as an offering. 

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10ml Pure Egyption Rose Oil blended with organic Almond oil. Chemical and alcohol free grown in Egypt. Includes Rose Quartz roller ball and Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal.

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